General information on our refund practices

Dear all

I just wanted to talk a little on our refund practices.  I know that most of you are aware that Cool Springs Brewery is not a chain, it's not corporate, it's a stand alone establishment owned by myself and Chris.  If we make a mistake on your order, of course we will pick up the cost of that, however we do ask that our customers take responsibility for the cost of those items that they order in error.

I know that there are many restaurants around here that will take money off for pretty much anything, but most of these restaurants are chains so there is no direct impact on the Managers who make the decision to refund, unlike with us.  So, of course we will take ownership for our mistakes and just ask that you do the same for yours. 

I hope the above makes sense.

Jane and Chris

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Chris & Jane Hartland

Beer 'to go'

Take Home Our Craft Brews!

Beer to Go

We are delighted that we have been licensed to sell our beer 'to-go'.
Why not enjoy our beer in the comfort of your own home when purchasing a growler (64oz) of our hand crafted brew to take away.

Glass and stainless steel growlers available.

Growler and fill from $20.00

Refill only from $15.00