Coconut porter is on tap

We just put the coconut porter on tap today!

Using our robust porter we steeped 20lbs of coconut shavings that I had toasted with loving hands in our oven. The coconut went in last week Friday, and reaching the perfect amount toasted coconut to porter flavor, I removed the coconut and put it on tap.

A perfect beer for these hot days and mild nights, just the right blend of beach meets frosty evening. This beer has a fantastic aroma, large doses of coconut on the nose, with subtle hints of the porter that lies just beneath. It hints at a slightly thicker mouth-feel by way of the coconut-oil infused beer. The taste is where this porter shines. Dark malts, chocolate, subtle coffee, and a touch of sweetness…..then comes the coconut. Big, rich toasted coconut dominates the middle of your pallet to drown out the porter.  This beer finishes with a lingering toasted coconut and a hint of spice from the cascade flavoring hops.

Savor this little gem, as we only have 3 barrels of it. Better yet, run to the brewery as this will not last long.

-          Derrick


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