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Initially I began the idea for this beer with my assistant Ryan. The early morning brewery life leads you to weird ideas and this beer was born from a lack of sleep and Starbucks coffee. After a couple of days deliberating, I headed to the Franklin’s Farmers Market and walked around trying to find a farmer with Blackberries. Not finding anything, I spent the next 5 days trying to figure out what to do. I’m not sure how it hit me, but I started to find u-pick-it farms here in Franklin. I found a location out near historical Leapers Fork.

I don’t normally need an excuse to spend time with my gorgeous fiancé and 4 month old son, but this was too good to pass up. What better way to bond with my family and co-workers than to pick berries. What better way to share that bond with our customers than to make a beer with that.

4th of July morning. We got up at 5:45 and packed the kidd-o up and headed out to Boyd Mill Farms to pick some Blackberries. We met Spud and His girl and we spent the wonderful 100 degree day sweating, laughing, and enjoying our morning.

The following day I puréed, pasteurized, and pitched the blackberries into a finished Franklins First for a wonderfully crisp and delicious summer ale.

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 – Fruit beer   

IBU's – 20
ABV – 5%
Hops – Perle
Malts – Pilsen, white wheat malts, flaked wheat.
Adjunct – Fresh Blackberries

Appearance – Unfiltered with a light purple hue

Smell – Blackberry aromas immediately hit the nose with small amounts of malt and a touch of earth.

Taste – A light dusting of the blackberry essence hits the mouth. The middle of the palate is dominated by a tart blackberry with light malt. This beer finishes like a kolsch with light crispness that lingers on the tongue.

Mouth feel – Light and crisp with high amount of carbonation.



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