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From the beginning, I’ve loved Belgian beers. They quantify to me the essence of what beer is supposed to be. Beer was always designed to be seasonal, geographical, and to be drunk with your meal.


Beer when it was received by a tavern in Belgium would either have a one X two XX or three XXX labeling the alcohol content. The tripel was always the largest gravity of all of them and usually had the most complexity. 

Tripels due to the complexity has always been one of my favorite beer styles, but they are not easy to make. To add to the complexity of making this beer, we had to make this beer with style flavor profiles without the 9%+ alcohol. It was a bit of experiment in malt analysis. We would have to create a beer that would taste, and feel like a tripel, but fundamentally change how much alcohol was in the beer. 

I ended up using pH adjustments and higher mash temperatures to create additional mouth-feel, while creating stylistic flavors with caramelized candi inverted sugar. 

Style – Tripel
IBUís – 23
ABV – 6.2%
Hops – Styrian Goldings, Czech Saaz 
Malts – Caramelized Candi inverted sugar

Appearance – Pours a hazed, dulled golden body with a very tall, meringue-like, white head.

Smell – Juicy Fruit is immediately present with faint bready malts and a light coating of spice. This beer is trailed by notes of floral fruity esters that linger in the nose. 

Taste – Taste: Starts sweet, with a taste of honey candies and notes of marshmallow. Tangy wheati-ness, then a variety of flavors cross the tongue, including: banana, honeydew melon, orange marmalade, chopped coriander, and a light pinch of white pepper. This beer has a slight, subtle bitterness before it transitions into a touch of heat from the alcohol as you arrive at the drying, fruit finish.

Mouth feel – Medium-bodied. Medium carbonation, lively and a bit fizzy.

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