Ginger Bombshell


So a while back my Fiancé asked me if I was ever going to name a beer after her. I thought that to be slightly pretentious to assume I’d want to name a beer after her. So I decided to name a beer after her. She is my “boss” and as the saying goes, happy wife, happy life.

My Fiancé, if don’t know by now, is a red head. And I may be partial, but she is a hot red head to boot. She has had a few nick names since I’ve known her; Ginger-Saurus-Rex, Day Walker, and Red. I figured I’d make a beer that commiserates what I think of her.

I love to make beer with large flavor profiles, and wanted to brew a beer that matches my passion for her. This beer has all the subtlety of a sledgehammer, and the smoothness of a violent car crash. With 19 pounds of hops, and 2 pounds of ginger, this beer is a massive hop throat punch.


Style – American IPA
IBU’s – 152
ABV – 6.2%
Hops – Warrior, Northern Brewer, Citra, Summit, and Zythos 
Malts – 2 row, Crystal 20, Crystal 75, CaraMunich, White Wheat, Dehusked Black
Adjunct - Ginger

Appearance – Brilliantly red amber color with a small off white head

Smell – Freshly minced ginger and drying pine hoppiness with a touch of malt sweetness.

Taste – It's called a ginger IPA for a reason. Ginger is prevalent on the front and back end of the palate. The ginger provides a slightly sweet/sour twang to this beer which is aided by the biting piney hops. Waves and waves of pine, pink grape fruit, and hop resign wash over you over and over. For one of the most unbalanced beers this beer is very well balanced with the contrasting, strong characteristics of the hops and ginger.

Mouth feel – Medium body with moderate carbonation, refreshing, and crisp.

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