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Not to belittle beer fests, but I haven’t been this excited to be at a fest in a long while. The odd thing about this fest is that it is actually a cheese festival with craft beer!

If you were to take a peek into my fridge at home, you’d find any number of stinky cheeses. We are always on the hunt for unique and interesting flavors. Sometimes we have intentions of making dinner and break out the cheese plate to snack, just to find all the cheese gone and no appetite

When Caleb Williams the cheese buyer at our local WholeFoods contacted me to see if Cool Springs Brewery would like to participate in this year’s Southern Artisan Cheese festival, I politely said yes. What was going through my mind was…. CHEEESEEEEE! The next thing that was going through my mind was, CHEEESEEEE!

After a little research into this festival, it is being put on by a woman who runs her own cheese shop called the Bloomy Rind. From everything that I’ve read, Kathleen Cotter is a true champion in the southern cheese market. She is doing everything from having her own shop, selling her cheeses to restaurants, working farmers markets, and doing this cheese festival.

“Where else can you sample 75+ handcrafted cheeses and meet the good folks who make 'em? This once a year event brings together over 20 artisanal cheesemakers from six states around the Southeast.

Each cheesemaker will be on hand to introduce and share their cheeses with you. You will have to opportunity to purchase your favorites….”

The Southern Artisan Cheese festival is being held at the Nashville farmer’s market location this Saturday October 6th.

But for those of you who aren’t able to make it to the festival and still want to try all the flavors. Next week I’ll be sitting down with Caleb to compile a beer and cheese pairing that you can do at home with our beer and cheese you can pick up from his store.

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