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The Belgian Dubbel originated in monasteries in the Middle Ages, but what we consider a dubbel in todays standards was because of the Trappist Abbey of Westmalle. In 1856 the abbey had been brewing a sweeter, lower alcohol Witbier that served the purpose as a table beer for the monks. Today’s Dubbel was designed as a stronger version of a brown ale, with the first official sale of the beer taking place in 1861, and in 1926 it was "reformulated" again to be even more potent. Designed to be a transitional beer from summer Witbiers to the winter warmers, the dubbel was a combination of flavor and warmth from the increasing alcohol content.

I had my first dubbel when taking a long weekend trek on my bike in phoenix. Even though it was mid-October, it was still 95 degrees out and not what you would consider a “fall” day. All I could think of was how immediately complex yet simply gratifying the beer was. Something about the beer style screamed, drink another sip and dive into the flavor complexity.

Flavor Complexity is one of those terms that if you have ever heard me speak about the beers that I love, that phrase will always creep up in conversation. I’ve been known to brew beers that have a lot of flavor complexity. To me that means it is like following the white rabbit down the hole.

Style – Belgian Dubbel
IBU’s – 21
ABV – 6.2%
Hops – Styrian Goldings, Perle
Malts – Pilsner, Munich, Crystal 75, White Wheat, Flaked Oats

Appearance – The pour is a dark amber color with a creamy off-white head

Smell – The nose is quite fruity and sweet. Dark fruits like cherries, plums, and figs. Sweet caramel, brown sugar and bread provide the malty-ness.

Taste – Immediate notes of banana and dark malts with an intimation of dark caramel and cocoa powder. Mid palate is a resounding sweetness. Plum fruitiness is followed by a sip of robust red wine flavors with some warming alcohol qualities. A touch of phenolic alcohol is noticeable with an underlying raisin, brown sugar and vanilla sweetness on the finish.

Mouth feel – Full bodied with sprightly carbonation

Food Pairings -  Bruschetta, Meatball Sub, The Barbeque, and the Peperoni Pizza,

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