Beez Nuts, Honey Maple Nut Brown


Much like painting a picture, when it comes to developing a beer recipe, you have to utilize your right brain. Myself being left brain dominant, I take inspiration for recipes from odd muses.
This particular beer was born from a late night. Not the late night that you would expect though. The kind of late night that is spent cooing a teething child.

I was reading Winnie the Pooh, and just as my son, Asher, was finally drifting off to sleep, I started to think about the one thing that my mind always gravitates to when given the chance- beer. I wondered where the local honey farmers were and soon enough I was thinking about what flavors I’d want in a beer. I mindlessly fumbled through tastes of pancakes, honey, candy maple, and nut bread.

I quickly realized that my next beer had to be a Honey Maple Nut Brown.

We used a local honey farmer, TruBee honey for this brew. It lent its unique flavor to this beer.

Style – English Brown Ale
IBU’s – 9
ABV – 6%
Hops – Northern Brewer, Fuggles
Malts – 2 row, Crystal 60, White Wheat, Chocolate, De-bittered black, Flaked Wheat, and Flaked Barley
Adjuncts – Vermont Maple, Local honey

Appearance – Pours a deep  garnet-hued body with a full off-white head.

Smell – Aromatic toasted malt nose that that leads into the essence of a dark bread bottom. Bouquets of honey glazed toasted nuts and a lightly brown sugary top dominate.

Taste – Sweet fruity notes of caramelized nuts lean into the interesting malt tapestry. This brew has a predominant malty nut brown bread base with underling flavors of cocoa honey and molasses weaving their way through your palate.
Mouth feel – Crisp, with a thin finish and moderate carbonation.

Food Pairings – This beer begs to be paired with the Fish and Chips.


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