Black SenSaison

Belgian Dark


I’m a foodie at heart, and I love flavor. I’ve recently been in a conversation with one of my elder statesmen in the brewery industry about the social responsibility of our younger brewers. His contention that my generations of brewers don’t follow guidelines and don’t understand subtleties. My contention, that we as the new brewers, brew flavor. This brew follows that line of thought.

This beer was conceptionalized with flavor in mind. Before I brewed this beer, I brought 7 different dried flowers with me to Franklins Tea shop and tried another 8 or so different teas. After smelling, and smelling, and smelling tea after tea. Then returning to my bags of dried flowers, I focused on the elderberry flowers and the heather tips. I then spent 2 hours trying every tea that owner Jan Erickson put in front of us.

She tested my palate, giving me every tea that she had thought would work for my endeavor. Cup after cup we narrowed the flavor down to two Teas. After fermentation of our base Black Saison, I did a trial test with the two teas and finalized on a black tea called Paris. Accentuating the profile of the French Saison yeast, the Heather Tips, Elderberry Flowers, and Paris Black Tea makes this an amazing amalgam of floral explosion.

Style – Farmhouse Ale
IBU’s – 10
ABV – 5.9%
Hops – Perle, Saaz
Malts – Pilsner, Munich, Midnight Wheat
Adjuncts – Belgian Candi Syrup, Heather Tips, Elderberry Flowers, Paris Black Tea

Appearance – Pours a deep russet with magenta highlights and a bronzed head

Smell – Exceptionally floral forward of heather with underling hints of clay earth and rhubarb.

Taste – With a deft hand, this beer has multiple levels. Powerful layers of flavor will wash over you taking you on a journey. On the forefront a light sprinkling of banana and clove followed by mid tones of prunes. Flavors of black currant, vanilla, and a hint of caramel dominate mid palate. The finish lingers with bergamot orange and an earthy tea.

Mouth feel – Crisp, with a medium finish and high carbonation

Food Pairings – Stuffed Mushrooms, Fried Calamari, Shrimp Pesto Pizza, Tortellini Pesto Alfredo

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