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Anyone that knows me, knows that I've got a bunch of stuffed monkeys. Why does that matter to beer? It doesn't, but I've been a big fan of Frothy Monkey since the first time I stepped foot into their location in Nashville.
Fast forward a year and they decided, with brilliance I might add, to put a Frothy Monkey about 4 blocks away from my house.

Good food, good atmosphere, and of course, they have the best coffee in Franklin. I had never met the owners, but I felt like they would be a perfect match for a beer dinner. To make the event even more special, the Nashville Beer Week was coming up and I couldn't think of a better time.

I approached Heather via email and received a response that gave me great confidence I chose correctly.

YES!! We would LOVE to be a part of Craft beer week and host a beer dinner! Yes yes yes.
Let's talk specifics when you're ready.
We spent the next month meeting and tasting beer. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it. Chef Chase Ingalls created an amazing dinner, and I did something that I've never done before. Instead of Chef Ingalls pairing all his courses to my beer, He left one course for me to pair my beer to one of his courses. In other words. I designed a recipe based around his 3rd course. It was a fun challenge, but one that I relished in. I've designed a Spelt Rye Bier de Garde for the dinner. I love the beer style and thought it would pair well with Chef Ingalls creation.
If you are interested in joining us for this amazing dinner on March 21st, follow the link. This is a four course dinner paired with four CSB beers for $60. Tax and gratuity are included for your convenience.
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