Pro-am Competiton part two

We are now 80 days away from registration closing for the Pro-Am Home Competition here at Cool Springs Brewery! So, we are calling all home brewers to start formulating those recipes and lighting those burners; it is time to start BREWING!

A live competition will happen on April 26th, where we will be having a 64-round double blind, single elimination beer bracket tournament to determine the ultimate winner.  Before the tournament, judges will narrow down the entries to the top 64 beers submitted, which will make up the competing bracket.

So you may be asking, “What makes this home brew competition special?”  Well, let us tell you.  If you  did not know,  Pro-Am stand for Professional- Amateur.  Unlike other homebrewing competitions this one is hosted and run by a professional brewery.   It gives avid brewers a chance to team up with a professional brewers to combine their collective brewing power.  So if you are our winner, you will have the opportunity to brew your beer on our professional system with our brewmaster Derrick Morse.

The Cool Springs Brewery Pro-Am Competition is also a part of a larger network of Pro-Am competitions throughout the country.  This means that the winner of this competition gets a chance to submit his/her beer on a national level to compete with other collaborations around the country.  This national competition will take place at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado.

This is a great chance to try your luck with other homebrewers from around the great state of Tennessee,  and to spend time with those who are just as crazy about beer as you are. 

So start brewing! Let's show what Tennessee beer is made of.

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- Nate

Marketing Intern

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