2nd annual Pro-am Winner


First off we want to thank everyone who participated in this year’s Pro Am.  The reason why we do this competition every year is for you guys, the homebrewers! You are the future and passion of the beer world and it goes round because of the love homebrewers have for beer.  So thank you!  

This year’s judging was tons of fun and we had a good crowd on hand as we watched all the beers go head to head.  The judges were all a part of the beer industry.  Our first judge was Ben Martin who is an assistant brewer at Black Abbey Brewing. If you have ever met him then you will know he has some epic side burns.  Second, we had Dan Dutcher, who just became Turtle Anarchy Brewing’s Master Brewer but has been with Turtle Anarchy since 2013.  Next, we had Ryan  Dankowski, who manages the high liquor side of Crafted Brewed.  This guy has tried more beers than just about anybody and can pick you out a beer for about any situation.  Last we had the great Fred Scheer who was elemental in fostering Nashville’s beer scene when there was really none to speak of.  He worked for years at the Nashville Bosco’s and is now the southeastern rep for Krones. This man is brilliant when it comes to beer.  



Once our judges were set, Derrick and I stewarded the Pro Am, shuffling half empty bottles between tables.  We had over 70 entries competing with only one winner.  I have posted pictures of the brackets starting with second round.  We wrote in the last name with entry number so that you might be able to see where you were in the bracket.  When we got down to the championship, our Brewmaster Derrick, also weighed in.  Every judge sampled both and cast a vote.  The one with the most votes became this years Pro Am Champion.  

Our winner came out be Danielle Dean-Semich from Murfreesboro. She is a part of the Mid-State Brew Crew. She entered an American Brown Ale she calls Pretty Round Brown Ale.  As the winner, she will get a trip to the GABF which includes her travel and lodging.  Also her beer will be brewed on our main system and served in the brewpub.  Derrick is underway now, working on scaling up the recipe.

There were tons of great beers entered into this competition and several of them could have easily been this year’s Pro Am Champion.  Many of the professional brewers liked the homebrews so much they took the extra bottles home to enjoy!

Congrats to Danielle! It’s one great beer and we are excited to share this brew. So be looking for Pretty Round Brown Ale soon in the brewpub.  Putting on this competition and seeing the enthusiasm of all the brewers makes us excited about the future of beer here in the state of Tennessee.  We are glad to a part of it and fostering its growth.  So here is a pint raised to all you homebrews out there!


Nate Underwood

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