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Year Round Beers

  1. Pecker Wrecker: IPA, 6.2%, 58 IBU. Excellently balanced combination of hops bitterness, white grapefruit and sweet malt flavors. The finish is nice and piney, giving a bitterness to balance out the white grapefruit.
  2. Franklins First: Kolsch, 4.2% A good clean grain and bread flavor with some mild sweetness. There's a fair amount of floral and earthy hops with just a bit of grass and a moderate bitterness.
  3. Nice Rack: Mango IPA, 6.2% Mango explodes off the tongue. As quickly as it came, it disappears to reveal a citrus forward west coast style IPA. A swirl of mango, pine, and grapefruit lingers on the palate.
  4. Titches Wit: Belgian Wit, 5.5% Immediate tastes of citrus and orange hit the mouth with flavours of light banana and juicy fruit. Hints of clove, vanilla and orange rind dominate the middle of the palate. A bready malt provides a solid backbone to Titches Wit’s slightly citrus tart finish.
  5. Fatback: Altbier, 5.3% Well-balanced with flavors of caramel, honey, nuts and spices, the malt character is hearty but has a light touch. The hops presence is mild but exactly what you want in an Altbier. The after-taste is bready and slightly sweet.


Current Rotating Beers (Updated 12-16-17)

  1. O-Fest: Oktoberfest/Marzen, 5.7%. Sweet caramel is up front followed with delightful toffee and malt flavors. Slight flavors or roasted barley and noble hops linger on the tongue for quite some time. Medium body with medium carbonation. 
  2. Crown Jewels: Old Ale, 8.2%.
  3. Hop Diggity Lager: Dry Hopped Premium Lager, 5.6%. The excessive late additions of Saaz hops lends a tremendous amount of hop flavor and aroma with little bitterness on the tongue. The spicy, earthy and citrus characteristics of the Saaz hops is up front on the palate finished off with a tinge of sweet malt at the end.
  4. Tennessee Black Hole: Barrel Aged Belgian Imperial Stout, 19%. This beer was created using only the first runnings of two full malt bills and then boiled for 4 hours, fermented with two different types of yeast and then aged in bourbon barrels for over two years. Huge and full flavored. Your taste notes are first bombarded by high alcohol notes, bourbon and licorice then later during mid palate you get tastes of chocolate, sweet caramel, vanilla and strong oak characteristics.
  5. Early Riser: American Sweet Stout, 8.2%. At first blush there are notes of roasted coffee and chocolate malty-ness, along with figs, dates and tart apples. Doses of caramel, molasses and a nutty bready-ness like roasted walnuts follow mid palate.

Pilot and Specialty Beers on Tap 12 

  1. None currently

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Currently On Tap

Franklin's First icon FRANKLIN'S FIRST
Fatback Amber Ale icon FATBACK AMBER ALE
Fatback Amber Ale icon O-FEST
BushWacker icon PECKER WRECKER
BushWacker icon TITCHES WIT
Fatback Amber Ale iconCROWN JEWELS
Fatback Amber Ale iconEARLY RISER
Fatback Amber Ale icon TENNESSEE BLACK HOLE



Bottled Beers

• Bud Light
• Yuengling           
• Crispin
• Michelob Ultra    
• Miller Lite
• Stella Artois 
• CSB Bottled Beers


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