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5 Year Anniversary Fest

CSB posterAnnouncing our 5th year anniversary. Saturday October 25th, 11-4pm.

In October of 2009, beer was legally brewed in Williamson County for the first time. To celebrate this momentous day. We are going to be throwing a bash from 11-4 at the brewpub. 45 beers will be available. Some oldies but goodies, some new that you’ve never seen, and some will be experimental beers. We will be digging out aged beers, barrel aged, and sour beers.

You will receive a 5 Year Anniversary commemorative tulip glass and 20 5oz drink tickets to use on any of the following beers you’d like. We will be debuting several new never released sour and barrel aged beers including exclusive Cloud 9 (Tennessee whiskey barrel aged Barleywine 11.2%), Frugal Macs (Elijah Craig barrel aged Wee Heavy 12%), and Sour Brussels (Aged in Arrington Vineyard barrels for 12 months 11.1%). We will also have available our 5th year anniversary beer, Hoppy Balboa. This is a massive 18.7% XXXX IPA. We mash hopped, first wort hopped, kettle hopped, and double dry hopped this monster beer.

You may purchase tickets from your friendly bartender, or you can purchase tickets online at the following link. Make sure you purchase early, we only have 200 tickets.




  1. Hoppy Balboa (Anniversary Beer), 18.7% Quad IPA

  2. Brussels Muscle, 10.1% Belgian Stong Dark

  3. Kilt lifter, 6.2% 80 Schilling

  4. Sweet 17, 17% Plum Raisin Quad

  5. Dumb Blond, 6.2% Belgain Blond

  6. Gold Finger, 10.2% Belgian Strong Pale

  7. Ginger Bombshell, 8.2% Ginger Red IIPA

  8. Tripel XXX, 9.1% Honey Tripel

  9. Hot Rod, 5.5% Cucumber Jalapeno Serrano wheat

  10. Coconut Porter, 6.2%

  11. Twig N' Berries, 5.2% Blackberry Kolsch

  12. Dirty Monk, 8.2% Belgo Rye India Pale Ale

  13. Bulging Kilt, 12% Wee Heavy

  14. Hop Brutality, 9.8% Imperial IPA

  15. Pecker Wrecker, 6.2% IPA

  16. Fatback, 5.5% Altbier

  17. Titches Wit, 5.5% Belgian Wit

  18. Jacksy Brown, 6.7% American Brown Ale

  19. Early Riser, 8.2% Coffee Stout

  20. Franklins First, 4.7% Kolsch

  21. Private Johnsons, 5.5% American Pale Ale

  22. Nice Rack, 6.2% Mango IPA

  23. Drunkin Punkin, 5.5% Pumpkin Spice English Brown Ale

  24. Beez Nuts, 6.2% Honey Maple Nut Brown Ale

  25. No name Brett, 5.5% Brett pale

  26. Milk Chia Porter, 5.2%

  27. Pecker Wrecker ran through the Randall

  28. Scorpion King, 5.5% insainely hot porter. Trinidad Scorpion, Jalapeno, Serrano, and Anaheim

  29. CircumSaison, 8.2% Mosaic Hopped Saison

Barrel Aged and Sour Beers

  1. Sour Puss 2012, 3.2% Berliner Wiesse

  2. Sour Puss 2013, 4.2% Berliner Wiesse

  3. Sour Puss 2014, 4.2% Berliner Wiesse

  4. Sweet 17 aged in Corsair Quinoa Whiskey Barrels, 17% Plum Raisin Quad

  5. Brett Saison, 7.2% Sour Brett Saison aged in Arrington Vineyard barrels for 18 months

  6. Frugal Macs,12% Wee Heavy aged in 12 year Elijah Craig barrels

  7. Bulging Kilt, 12% Wee Heavy aged in Tennesse Whiskey Barrels

  8. Tennesse black, 19% Belgian Chocolate Stout aged in Corsair barrels

  9. Sour Brussels 2013, 10.1%. Brussels Muscle aged in french oak for a year

  10. Cloud 9, 11.2% Barley wine aged in Tennessee Whiskey for a year


Pilot Beers and Firkins

  1. Firken of Early Riser with Vanilla and cacao nibs

  2. Firken of Dirty Packer with whole cone Simcoe hops

  3. Firken of Twig N’ Berries with purple basil

  4. Derrick Pilot Batch #1

  5. Derrick Pilot Batch #2

  6. Jonathan Pilot Batch #1

  7. Jonathan Pilot Batch #2